Thursday, September 30, 2010

Body parts

Haven taken human anatomy, I have learned a whole bunch of impractical information. Here are some great terms I learned: 

Caruncle: This is the little red thingy in the corner of your eye. It contains oil and sweat glands.

Philtrum: This is the little cleft or groove that connects your upper lip to your nose
Patrick:  Just kidding, this isn't the technical term. But it is the term used by my TA's to teach me the pons, medulla oblangata, and cerebral and cerebellar peduncles in the brain. Because it looks like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. Can you see him?
 Well, this is actually a terrible picture. But imagine Patrick being upside down where the pons and medulla are (with his belly being the pons) and his invisible arms reaching back to the cerebellum. I think you have to see it in real life to appreciate it.

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Greg Lewis said...

Not seeing Patrick....but the whole brain thing reminded me of Squidward!