Saturday, January 9, 2010

Head Size

I got the Boy's Life magazine when I was living at home and I remember they had these comic strips that were very short versions of classic books, like  Frankenstein or The Odyssey. One of the series they ran that I liked a lot were some Sherlock Holmes comics.  There was one comic strip where a burglar nabbed a lady's purse and ran away, but his hat fell off. Watson picked up the hat and gave it to Dr. Holmes, who then analyzed it and concluded all this information about the burglar from the hat.  For instance, Holmes noticed something like wax on one side and that meant something--I forget what--and he found a strand of hair on the inside so he knew he had brown hair or something, but the thing I remember most was that Sherlock Holmes concluded was that the man must have had above average intelligence because the hat was very large, meaning that the owner had a large brain.  I don't know why the burglar would be robbing someone if he was very intelligent, but that was the story.

Anyway, I liked that reasoning a lot, mainly because I have a big head.  When I ordered my cap for my high school graduation, there was only one other kid who had a bigger head than me (but he didn't seem too smart....hmmm...). I don't actually think there is some sort of correlation, but it would be interesting if there was one.


Kathy Haynie said...

My brother used to get Boy's Life, and I always read it, too. I remember those dumb cartoons with the donkey.

Anna said...

Soapy has a huge head. She's brilliant.

Katie said...

If so, the big O is rather brilliant herself. But I don't think we needed a hat size to tell us that.