Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Spam Subject Lines

Sometimes I really enjoy reading my spam. It makes me laugh to think that some people actually fall for it. Here are the headlines of the spam in my inbox: 

1) FROM THE MONITORING TEAM (EFCC AND FBI) BE WARNED.  My favorite quote from the email is "Motto: No body is above the LAW!"

2) FBI ALERT ON YOUR FUNDS[CODE:210]];;;}<<<<<<<<   Apparently this is from Robert Mueller himself. And he wants me to send him $150.000 USD. Yes, there are 3 zeros after the decimal point. His hand must have freaked out while typing the closing bracket. Perfectly normal to overlook that.

3) Buy Adobe and Windows Mac Soft Ware !  You can always tell that it's spam when there are weird spaces between words and punctuation.

I'm pretty sure that "No body is above the LAW!" is going to be my personal motto from now on. Thank you, Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri, for your inspiration.

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