Sunday, July 8, 2012

Writing again

Katie said she missed reading the things I wrote. I think I also miss writing like I did back in 2010. So I'm planning on writing more often again.

I'm finally starting work tomorrow. I've been waiting for almost an entire month to begin. I'm excited to learn what I'll actually be doing. I imagine myself standing beside an operating table with the surgeons having an open skull in front of them, removing some sort of exotic eye tumor, then they have to go to the bathroom and hand the tools over to me and I save the day. Not really, but that would be cool. No, I'm pretty sure I'll just be in charge of cleaning the equipment after the operations and taking people's blood pressure. I have to wear scrubs at work. I went to the thrift store to pick up some second hand scrubs. There were two pairs that weren't XXXL or had floral prints, so I got those. I put them on and I think I will feel pretty ridiculous wearing pajamas to work. At least I won't be the only one wearing scrubs.

Also, it's very hot. It was 103° F outside yesterday. It feels like a hair drier. 


Lisa Lou said...

This is Mark. Wearing pjs to work is the coolest. I imagine that we wear pjs in the Celestial Kingdom.

Anna said...

Hooray for you writing again just as I need ore stuff to ead at 3 a.m.!

Anna said...


Kathy Haynie said...

Hooray for Bryan's brayn! I love your posts. Wearing pj's to work reminds me of teaching in the get to take your shoes off & play with toys & have a snack and it counts as church! Awesome.

Sorry about the heat...UGH.

Katie Lewis said...

1. I am bitter that you haven't written in forever and you write one measly post and get 4 comments before I even see that you posted. Even Mark commented on your blog. Nobody comments on my blog anymore. I am overcome with jealousy.

2. But it's a little bit okay because my mom called your blog "Bryan's Brayn." Bahahahahaha. May nobody ever forget that that's what you called it.

3. Oh, and I'm happy that you're writing again. And drawing pictures.

4. Next time, Garfield and Minnie Mouse scrubs... maybe for your birthday.

Katie Lewis said...

P.S. To counteract my bitter jealousy, I made you join Google+. Bahahahahahahaha!

Patricia said...

Good to have you back, Bryan. Looking forward to hearing how the new job goes.