Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Surgery and Village Inn

My legs are so tired right now. It reminds me of how physically demanding my job was when I worked at the wood mill in Provo. But this time, only my legs are exhausted instead of my entire body. I saw a lot of nasty eye surgeries today. I just stood about 3 feet away from the surgery table, watching the doctor operate on people getting long, droopy eye lids removed and short eye lids extended (using a skin graft from the chest), and a guy getting a cyst removed from his eye. The sights and sounds didn't bother me much, but the smell of cauterized flesh is disgusting. I'm glad that I will just be an optometrist and not a surgeon or something. I don't know--maybe I'll get used to it, but that smell is absolutely haunting.

In a completely unrelated note, did anyone else think that Village Inn is a hotel or something? I did, right up until I went there with my mom and Uncle Tom back in 2007. This was when I was 21, so I really didn't have much of an excuse. They do have good pie, though.


Katie Lewis said...

I'm glad you're not going to be a surgeon too.

Lisa Lou said...

that's funny about village inn. I don't know if I ever thought that... but yeah they have good pie!

Kathy Haynie said...

Your comment that the smell is haunting made me think of holocaust camps. Sorry.