Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Watery eyes

I hardly get watery eyes anymore. This is a good thing, because I used to get them whenever I thought about something painful or someone with inflammation in the eye. And I don't think anybody would want to visit an optometrist who couldn't look at your eye infection without crying.

This has come gradually over the past seven weeks of school. I think looking at pictures of bloody, pus-filled eyeballs every day has dulled my senses. Also, learning about what is happening to the eye (what is being inflammed, which cells are causing it, what treatments would be necessary, etc.) helps me analyze the eye instead of saying, "Oh man, oh man, there's an actual hole in that eye and something gooey is coming out."

Are you brave? Don't look if you're squeamish! Click here to see some nasty eyes!

Anyway, school is going great. My classes are very hard, but they're super interesting.


Kathy Haynie said...

My stomach always cramps when I hear about someone getting cut/hurt/injured/etc. So glad to hear that you are manning up!

Katie said...

You've really been in school for 7 weeks already?

Masayuki said...

I am NOT clicking on that link. No matter how tempting it may be.