Friday, March 11, 2011

What's a Bobalagooch Handle?

The bobalagooch handle (pronounced BOB-ah-lah-GOOCH) is something that my brother David made up. We used to play the game as kids where you had to say "safety" if you ... passed gas. If you didn't, someone else could yell "doorknob" and then they could punch you until you touched a doorknob. If there wasn't a doorknob nearby, you could get punched for hours until you found one. We naturally added some more things you could get punched for, such as burping (you had to say "protection" or else someone could say "door handle") and picking your nose (you had to say "shield" or else someone could say "cupboard knob").

Because of this triple threat, David made up the bobalagooch handle, which is a doorknob, door handle, and cupboard knob all rolled into one. If someone yelled something and started punching you, you had to sing the bobalagooch song, which means the tooter/burper/picker had to sing "Bobalagooch! Bobalagooch!" over and over again to the tune of Winnie the Pooh. Once you finished the song, you had to go through the motion of rotating the the imaginary doorknob, turning the imaginary door handle, and pulling the imaginary cupboard knob.

Then you're safe.

So why did I name my blog this? Because I write about a variety of different things, all of which arm you against the pounding blows of ignorance and boredom.


Kathy Haynie said...

Wow. I feel enlightened. Thank you!

alison said...

did you know that we found a house with a REAL bobalagooch handle?! it blew my mind.