Monday, December 10, 2012


I finally finished finals last week! My last one was on Thursday, and it feels GREAT to be over. However, that night, my body finally succumbed to the inevitable and I got a fever and chills. This always seems to happen once I do something stressful. Luckily, it happens AFTER finals and not during it, but I can almost count on it. So the next day I slept in until about 11 am (which was amazing since I got about 3 to 4 hours of sleep each night the week before), and I felt pretty good. I should have just rested the rest of the day, but I was bored and wanted to do something fun, so we did. And now I'm still sick. Hopefully I'll be completely healed before we drive out to Virginia.

Also, I would just like to say how awesome Katie was during finals week. I basically only saw her for only 2 hours everyday and she didn't mind that I studied so much. And she made me awesome lunches everyday. They were actually like little Japanese bento boxes, except with normal lunch food instead of sushi. And then when I was done with finals she had this little celebration thing planned and we ate chocolate cookies and watched the Avengers. I really liked that movie. 

I'm going to sleep some more now, so good luck Nathan, Alison, David, Lisa, and Mark with finals! 


Lisa Lou said...

This happens every semester to me too! Ugh. Which means Mark and I will probably be sick when we get to Virginia. I can already start to feel my throat getting tickly and I'm so. so. tired.


Hope you don't leave for Virginia too soon, I just sent your Christmas card to your Ohio address

grandpa Lewis

Nathan said...

I'm just getting over my sickness. My constant coughing and blowing my nose has been unattractive for far too long now.

alison said...

man i will be mad if y'all get me sick over break. i've been feeling GREAT.