Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Student Council

Today we had Student Council elections, and I am now officially the Treasurer for the student body for the OSU College of Optometry. It may sound cool, but I ran unopposed, so the outcome wasn't really a surprise. I am also the Treasurer for my individual class (the Class of 2015). I also was unopposed in that election.

They were the easiest campaigns ever! All I had to do was say that I won't embezzle any funds, and BAM! that was it. Baby cakes.

Also, there is an art contest going on right now, and I entered a couple of "optometry related" pieces. I hope I win! The winner is declared Friday, I think. They get a $100 gift card. I should take a picture of them so you can see them. One of them (my favorite one) kind of looks like this:

I taped out the letters, then splattered paint all around it, kind of like a Jackson Pollock painting.


Katie Lewis said...

Just for the record, the actual painting looks way better than the MS Paint version Bry did of it here. Just thought I'd say that in case anyone was worried about Bryan's feelings being hurt if he didn't win or something.

Kathy Haynie said...

I once won the 7th grade class treasurer position in an election. The slogan on my posters was "Put a tiger in your treasury." (That was when Exxon gas stations had an ad campaign that said, "Put a tiger in your tank.") I think I was opposed, but I'm not absolutely certain. That was a lot of golden birthdays ago...

Congratulations! And I hope your painting wins, too!

Greg Lewis said...

Holy cow! That would make you the official "TOSUCOOSCT" - THE Ohio State University College of Optometry Student Council Treasurer!

How cool is That!?!?!?

Patricia said...

Way to go, Bryan! Hey, see if you can take a picture of your painting and share it with us. That'd be peachy keen. Thanks!