Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Funny videos

I came across these videos in the past couple of days, and I thought they were great.

This first one is from Sesame Street. I don't remember Sesame Street being this funny. I was laughing almost the whole time, especially when Cookie Monster says, "...Frog..."

The next video is also from Sesame Street and it is really cute. It is a good representation of the happy side of parenting.

The third one I can't embed, but it's a video of a little kid giving an impromptu motivational speech after learning how to ride a bike. It's pretty great.


Kathy Haynie said...

Awww...our favorites were the alphabet song and the motivational speech. Thanks for sharing!

And by the way, Sesame Street hasn't really changed're just old enough to get the humor now.

Katie Lewis said...

First video: Funny, but a little bit anticlimactic that Kermit never actually reveals the orange.

Second video: So cute. And so Olivia. :)

Third video: Maybe now I will ride a bike.